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About Us Italica Motors

Italica Motors is a company located in Florida, USA That produces and imports scooters.

We use the highest quality and the most advanced technology in the scooter industry around the world.
Our scooters come with a guarantee of optimum quality and durability.

Italica scooters has been approved by the EPA and DOT.

Our scooters are low maintenance, are economic and have outstanding fuel economy.They can go up to 80 to 115 miles on one gallon. their power, functionality and versatility make them a perfect deal.

Italica Motors offers a great variety of models. There are 50cc and 150cc models available that include modern and beautiful designs, but we also have the classic models that have kept being popular throughout the years.

Our variety of colors and designs can satisfy our Client’s highest standards. All scooters come with an ABS anitilock break system and electric starter.

Italica Motors Miami FLWe have the largest scooter stock and replacement parts inventory to satisfy our clients needs, we also offer one of the best guarantees in the scooter industry.

Quality and good service are the number one goals of Italica Motors, therefore,We work day by day to offer our clients the best products available in the business and we also guarantee their total satisfaction regarding our scooters.


Italica Motors, Inc. Warrants:

1 year or 4,000 miles for the engine and transmission, whichever occurs first from the purchase date and 6 months for component parts.

The Italica Motors, Inc. Limited Warranty is for parts manufacturing defects only, damage caused for collision, accidents, improper vehicle operation, misuses, negligence, shipping, handing and improper maintenance in accordance with user manual instruction are not covered.

The Italica Motors, Inc. Limited Warranty does not cover parts susceptible to normal wear and tear, such as the tires, belts, brakes, light and bulbs, filters, batteries, clutch, padding, cosmetic body, decals, seat, fasteners, sprockets and wires.

Italica Motors, Inc. reserves the right to request the defective parts for testing and inspection. Shipping parts cost, freight charges incurred with delivery to us are not covered.

Italica Motors, Inc. will delivery replacement parts free of charge to customer.

Italica Motors, Inc. do not take repairing services, we recommends contact a certified small engine mechanic to perform repair on your motorcycle.

Italica Motors, Inc. will not be responsible for any labor charge incurred during repair of the vehicle, removal and replacement of such component or parts.

The Italica Motors, Inc. Limited Warranty is not transferable, does not covered damage and failure to leased, rented or motorcycle used for commercial uses.